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With a long and rich common law heritage, Hong Kong’s mature legal system is renowned for being transparent, trustworthy, and fair, ranking well internationally and underpinning Hong Kong’s reputation as one of the safest cities in the world. The legal infrastructure is a major draw for Mainland China and overseas companies setting up and doing business in Hong Kong, where they can gain peace of mind from assurance that contracts are enforced, disputes are settled fairly and intellectual property is well protected.

  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Independent judiciary
  • Common law system
  • Court of Final Appeal vested with power of final adjudication
  • Trusted regulatory regime aligned with international standards
  • Clean, efficient and stable government
  • High degree of transparency
  • Deep and broad pool of local and international legal talent
  • Effective dispute resolution environment for arbitration and mediation
  • Strong protection of intellectual property rights


  • Highly educated, multilingual, globally experienced workforce
  • English and Chinese are official languages. English widely used in business, government and law
  • Broad, deep pool of world-class professionals in areas such as financial services, law, accounting, auditing, insurance, architecture, engineering, design, marketing, public relations, project management, transport, logistics, aviation, shipping, hospitality, information technology and events management
  • Comprehensive, wide-ranging networks of professional organisations, business chambers, think tanks to help people connect and excel
  • Regional “brain bank” of global best-practice combined with unparalleled access, knowledge, experience, contacts and insight into Mainland China and ASEAN markets
  • Home to some of Asia’s most highly-regarded universities
  • Capacity-building institutes provide training and courses on legal sector, aviation industry, railway management, maritime services and construction
  • One of Asia's clusters of international schools offering curricula from the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and International Baccalaureate